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Course Syllabus #01


“The most exceptional feature of these two meridians [GV and CV] is that they regulate the flow of energy in all the regular meridians.”- Shizuto Masunaga

The Governing Vessel & Spine

This fundamental Shin Tai course develops a diagnostic and manual treatment protocol for this primitive part of the information system. The GV/spine module employs unique and extremely effective diagnostics that determines patterns of restricted body resonance. Using a flexible treatment protocol, normal resonance is restored and proper spacial relationships are restored in the body. This great ly increases the flow of life force through the body, improves numerous organic and neuromuscular problems, and gets the physical body, emotions and mind back on-line in real-time.

* General Release of the Central Channel
* Treatment of the spine and paravertebral muscles
* Treatment of the rib joints
* Treatment of the scapula and shoulder joints
* Alignment of the sacroiliac joint
* Activation of the parasympathetic
nervous system
* Passive correction of the cervical vertebrae

* The origin and hierarchy of the core information system
* The healing power of the parasympathetic nervous system
* Connection of the governing vessel and spine
* The relationship of governing vessel and the parasympathetic nervous system

Evaluation Tools
* Diagnosis of the governing vessel by motion
* The three phases of resonance
* Evaluation of spinal alignment and mobility
* Evaluation of the cervical spine
* Leg length check

Course Syllabus #02


This Shin Tai module presents a manual approach to the treatment of the conception vessel via the hara. Working with the theory that the hara (abdomen) is a central manifestation of the conception vessel, life force is brought back into the CV function by treating this area of the body. A healthy hara/conception vessel flow is vital for a person’s physical well-being, as well as their ability to manifest dreams, images, and intentions within the life system.

* Hara treatment for increasing resonance and recovering life force
* Hara treatment for improving circulation
* Hara treatment digestion and elimination
* Hara treatment for neuro-muscular pain
* Conception vessel and fascia work
* Passive adjustment of the hip structure and leg length

* Connection of the ovum, ovulation, conception vessel, hara, and digestive system
* Relationship between the conception vessel and hara
* The connection between hip joints and the hara
* The role of the hara in life manifestation

* Hara diagnosis
* Walking diagnosis
* Hip evaluation
* Supine leg length check

Course Syllabus #03


As we age, most of the time we live our lives stuck in the past, worried about the future, adopting belief systems that are not relevant to our true selves, having identity issues and being unable to live in the now. In fact, failing to live in the now creates physical stress patterns in the body as the body internalizes these stresses within the spinal column and body systems. Over time, these stresses take our life force and our energy depletes.
Central Channel Release is a profound treatment protocol that releases these stress patterns which are held deep within the tissues of the spinal column and have been internalized over time. It is gentle and non-invasive. By releasing the stress patterns, life force is recovered and recycled into the present time needs of the mind and body. Release of these stress patterns helps to improve a myriad of physical problems along with increasing emotional, mental and spiritual flexibility.
Treatment of specific stress patterns via non-force contacts

Restoring the three phases of resonance

Correction of Short Leg

Recovering the motion of the atlas vertebra (C-1) and the axis vertebra (C-2)

Therapeutic application of proprioceptive suggestions

Development of a reliable linear treatment model

The process of recovering the lost self via the recovery of life force

The phases of re-entering present time

How energy/life force is lost through the stress events

Critical point theory: achieving the greatest result with the least amount of effort
Evaluation Tools

Perceiving radiation

Critical point palpation

Three phases of resonance

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